Hook Into a Career

We Support Our Team Members

Ford’s Fish Shack knows they couldn’t grow or flourish as a restaurant in Virginia without the talent and team supporting the kitchens, dining rooms and bars. Since we know we wouln’t be able to grow or serve without your team, we offer certain benefits to welcome you into the family

  • Ford’s works hard to give it’s employees an ideal work environment and culture. We do this by promoting internally and providing schedules that allow a healthy work-life balance.
  • Ford’s also provides a selection of health and dental insurance to its employees to ensure they are feeling their best at all times.
  • To give our team members the appreciation they deserve, we also provide Paid Vacation Time, Dining Privileges at Ford’s Fish Shack and feature outstanding team members in our spotlight program.

Let Our Team Speak For Themselves

A Lifelong Career Is a Form Away

Walk through our general application below to openly apply to any of our positions at Ford’s Fish Shack. A member of our management team will reach out to you if your application meets our requirements and expectations.